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Tastes of Ethiopia at Alem Elfign

Tastes of Ethiopia at Alem Elfign

admin admin January 29, 2024 Events, Holidays, News

Located within the beautiful Haile Grand Addis Ababa, Alem Elfign restaurant seeks to introduce guests to the explosion of flavours found across Ethiopia. Come experience mouthwatering regional cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients suited to your organic needs.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll be transported to different parts of Ethiopia through the tastes, aromas, and presentations of dishes from various regions. Indulge in fasting and non-fasting meals; enjoy Shiro, traditional beef tibs, and many more served with delicious injera bread.

Start your morning the Ethiopian way with our traditional coffee ceremony. Sip aromatic Haile coffee, fresh from our very own coffee farm. The caffeine will wake up your senses as our servers pour it three times to your liking in the ‘Sini’ (small cup) in a ritual as old as the country itself. The coffee brings warmth and community to any gathering.

In the evenings, unwind with authentic Ethiopian entertainment. While dining on traditional fasting dishes, you can learn Eskesta dance moves from our live performers four nights a week. Drink well-made Haile honey wine (Tej) with dinner; the honey comes directly from our Sheka bee yard.

Experiencing Ethiopia’s cuisine and culture has never been easier. Each dish at Alem Elfign takes you to a new destination without having to leave the comfort of Haile Grand in Addis.

The restaurant is your new perfect place for Ethiopia’s culinary wonders. Indulge your senses with ingredients sourced from our organic lands, lovingly prepared by skilled chefs. Discover new flavours you’ll crave for life.

Discover why foodies and culture-seekers have to come to Alem Elfign and savour it time and again.

Contact us today to start your culinary journey through this rich, diverse country!