Message from Major Haile Gebrselassie Owner and CEO, Haile Hotels and Resorts

“Tena Yistilign” ጤና ይስጥልኝ!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website – I believe Haile Hotels and Resorts have grouped together a remarkable team of devoted managers and staff to administer your needs.

We are still at an early stage of our five-year plan, but everything seems to indicate that we are on the track of becoming the best locally-owned chained hotel group owning 20 hotels and resorts. So far we have reached six hotels while Adama and Addis Hotels bringing us to 8th in the near future.

Our upcoming Projects in Wolaita Sodo, Konso, Debre Birhan and other hotel constructions and deals we will make in the following years will be strides helping us towards the goal – to be the best local chain brand hotel we have been striving too.

All of us appreciate the trust you have put into Haile Hotels and Resorts, and we hope to see you in the future – not only as our guests but as de facto ambassadors of this exceptional company, its hotels and Resorts, and its people.
Thank you!

Haile Gebrselassie (Major)