Sululta Plain

The Sululta Plain (380 43′ East 90 12′ North) is situated at 2,500 meters above sea level. The plain is on the northeast side of Entoto Mountain in North Shewa Zone. It is a wide, shallow valley almost completely surrounded by mountains from which many small rivers drain feeding the Muger river that flows north-west into the Abbay (Blue Nile). The surrounding mountains were covered with forest dominated by Juniperus procera, and the lower slopes supported groves of Acacia spp.

Gullele Botanic Garden

The establishment of the botanic garden which is the first of its kind in Ethiopia came in the place to have a modern Botanic garden that can be employed for a variety of services including species conservation nature based ecotourism, researching activities and provision of education to students attending at any level.

Haile Museum

Haile Gebre Selassie is the greatest distance runner of all times. He is an exceptional athlete, who has set a new level in long-distance running breaking records as they are made, Haile rose to international prominence in 1992 when he won the 5000M and 10,000M World Junior championships.
In the museum inside the Yaya Africa Athletics Village you will experience Haile`s running life journey and achievements as well as honors. The museum plans to keep Haile Gebrselassie legacy for the coming generation.


You can hike to the nearby trekking routes in the surrounding where trekking leads can assist you with.

Entoto trekking routes

The Entoto chain mountains is the perfect spot for trekking and bicycling. It is attractive natural scenery views with surrounding planted eucalyptus trees.