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Haile Grand Addis & Haile Resort: Hawassa curated special packages just for ladies this March.

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Exceptional Places, Exceptional Stays: Haile Hotels Offers Memorable Getaways Nationwide

Hi everyone, and welcome! We’re so excited to share all the amazing experiences available to you across Ethiopia with Haile Hotels & Resorts. We’ve crafted getaways for every type of traveler, whether you’re seeking adventure, culture, relaxation, or all of the above.

[picture of YAYA village person in activity]

Let’s start our journey together at #YayaVillage (Sululta), just outside Addis Ababa. Who’s up for an energetic horseback ride through wide yards? We promise the scenery will take your breath away. Want to push your limits even further? Check out our professional running track; it’s perfect for athletes but fun for all fitness levels. We’ll meet you with delicious meals and cold drinks afterwards and make you forget fatigue ever existed!!

[picture of Rock View restaurant, including landscape] [It can be a carousel of two photos side by side, one for the landscape and two people enjoying the service.]

Next up is our flagship property, #HaileGrandAddis. You’ll be blown away by the city sanctuary vibes from our Rock View restaurant. Have your camera ready to capture the stunning scenery! We highly recommend sampling high-end cuisine while listening to a soothing¬†waterfall soundtrack nearby.

[Zumba class photos]

For those interested in fun self-care, we recommend heading to #Hawassa next. We’ve got the newest Zumba and aerobics classes in town to help you exercise and work on your dance moves. It’s such a fun way for us to connect with our African culture. You’ll leave feeling energized in body and spirit!

[Wedding set up a carousel of two photos, both in Arba Minch and Adama]

Are weddings on your mind? #Arbaminch is a dreamy lakeside escape for the special day. Our spacious halls will make your celebration truly unforgettable. The vibrant decor reflects the natural beauty surrounding us. Speaking of weddings, heading to #Adama is the perfect decision for you as well. Our elegant halls are perfect for hosting friends and family in style. Wedding planners, brides, and grooms better snag this opportunity and celebrate love in amazing destination weddings. Mark your calendars for a venue visit now.

Wherever the open roads lead you, we know you’ll make lifelong memories traveling Ethiopia with #HaileHotelsandResorts. Thank you for taking this virtual tour with us! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any travel recommendations or tips. We’re wishing you safe and inspiring journeys as you discover this magnificent country and its wonderfully warm people. See you down the line, and keep the adventures coming!