The location of the City and the warmth of its climate make the City of Adama an important tourist destination and weekend retreat center in the country.

Garagadi-Hot Spring

This spring is about 12 kilometers away to south-west from the City of Adama near the Wenji Town and the sugar cane estate. It is located at a distance of five kilometers from Wenji on a plain between a hill to the south and Awash River to the north-east.
Garagadi is a place where thermal springs gush out at many different points covering the area with floods. It is not uncommon to see the local people and others bathing in these natural hot springs because they are believed to bring about healing of physical ailments. Sightseeing of the site includes view of the nearby Awash River, Crocodiles inhabiting in the river and other aquatic life.

Oromo Martyr’s Monument

The statue depicts Oromo patriots who gave up their life in order to remove the Dergue Regime to bring equality and liberty for the Nations and Nationalities of the peoples of Ethiopia. This statue is erected on the compound of the Abba Gada campus/ Conference center with high attraction values.

Boku Steam

Situated on the slope of a gorgeous land, Boku Geothermal Steam Bath Centre is situated at the distance of seven kilometers from Adama. Its tourist offer includes:

  • The high temperature steam gushing out through narrow outlets from the walls of the rocky mountain where patients
    take steam bath in the compartments of the low standard rooms for curative effects from rheumatism, cold, asthma and
    other complications;
  • An opportunity for bird watching and its surrounding scenic land formation with vegetation and others.

The Boku steam is accessible from Adama by car on a gravel road.